Fact Nº7

A 150g serving (one of our small pots) of plain yoghurt provides around a third of our daily iodine and bone-building calcium, and nearly 15 per cent of our daily protein.

Fact Nº6

Yogurt only caught on as a consumer food in the early 1900’s  in Western European.

Fact Nº5

The cows wander into the robots themselves throughout the day and night: they choose to be milked an average of 3.1 times a day – much more often than when we milked through a conventional milking parlour.

Fact Nº4

Yogurt has been a dietary staple in Turkey, Greece, Syria and the Near East for 100’s of years.

Fact Nº3

We have 4 robots to allow the cows to choose which one to use and it prevents dominant cows from blocking access for younger cows!

Fact Nº2

Legend has it that the first yogurt in Europe was given to the French King Francois 1 when he had a stomach ache and this cured him in the 16th Century.

Fact Nº1

We use 4 different types of live culture to make our yogurt: streptococcus thermophilus, lactobacillus lactis, lactobacillus acidophillus, bifidobacterium lactis