Please download our fun pages, grab your crayons, paints or felt-tip pens and let’s see if you have a budding Picasso in your family. Send them to us at and we’ll post them on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Or you can even post them yourself and tag us @roradairy. We can’t wait to see them.


Crumpet is our friendly, lovable Labrador. She lives in the house with us but prefers being outdoors where she can do doggy things like digging holes and chasing butterflies.

Sid the Sweeper Robot

Here at rora dairy, we have our very own robot called Sid. Sid’s job is to sweep the sweet, green grass – called silage – closer to our cows so they don’t miss a mouthful.

Tommy the Tractor

Tommy the Tractor is very important on our farm. He is very busy in springtime pulling a plough which digs up the earth and sowing the seeds that will grow to become barley and wheat.


This cow, Savanah is extra special as she is on every one of our yogurt pots. She lives at Middleton of Rora and is very busy creating milk every day for our yogurt.