So What’s The Difference Between Our Set, Natural And Greek Style Yogurt?









Why do we make three types of natural yogurts? Well, because people seem to like different qualities in their pots of yogurt.

When we started to make yogurt, our natural set was our first ever product. Made in the traditional French way where you pasteurise the milk, add live cultures and then pop it into pots before putting it into the incubator where it sets for 5 hours. You end up with a spoonable yogurt with a layer of cream on the top, perfect with any dessert. Or – as is my Mother-in-law’s favourite – as an alternative to mayonnaise with salmon, a slightly healthier choice.

Our Natural Yogurt was our second ever product. The Natural Yogurt is created by pasteurising the milk in a vat, adding live culture and allowing it to incubate in the vat altogether. When it reaches the perfect ph of 4.6, we know it is ready! We then gently let it settle and remove a little whey as we are filling each pot. This product never fails to amaze me as it is a very simple yogurt and versatile. It is enjoyed for breakfast with fresh fruit and granola and bought by chefs throughout the country to be used in their wonderful cooking creations.

And last but not least, we have our new creamy Greek-Style yogurt. The Greek-Style yogurt is made in batches using a similar process to our other yogurts, pasteurising the milk, adding culture and allowing it to incubate overnight before we strain it. We remove at least 50 per cent of all the whey, which produces a delicious thick Greek-style yogurt. This Greek-Style adds a real thickness but doesn’t curdle like cream, making it a fabulous product to cook with.

This yogurt also has the benefit of having a higher protein content of 7.1g per 100g as opposed to our natural yogurt which 5.3g per 100, for all those gym enthusiasts.

All three are enjoyed by many as everyone seems to have a favourite – Enjoy!!!

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