The perfect yogurt for wee ones!

Afternoon people!! Hope you all are keeping safe and looking after yourselves. I thought I would do a wee post on why our yogurt is perfect for your little sprogs; at a time where everyone is trying their best to home-school their kids and keep them healthy/active I thought this was extremely relevant!  If you struggle to find a healthy but tasty snack for your kids, look no further, our beautiful selection of Scottish fruit yogurts is the answer to your lunch-box-filler prayers! You can find our yogurt in local farm shops as well as Morrison’s & Sainsbury’s.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our yogurt is completely free from nonsense.  Our ingredient’s list is short, natural and made up of words you can pronounce, with no dodgy additives! All our ingredients are locally sourced and fresh. If you want a car to work properly, you’ve got to put the right fuel in the tank. It’s the same with people and what they eat! If you want to find out exactly what goes into our yogurt check out our ‘Why your body will thank you for eating more yogurt on the daily!’ blog post.

We source local Scottish fruit that comes from Castleton Farm, minutes away from Dunnottar Castle. We are so lucky to live in such a gorgeous country, where the air is freshest and the soil healthiest, so why would we not use locally sourced ingredients? It just makes sense! This also ensures that our product has a low carbon footprint.

We’re driven by our ‘farm as if you’ll live forever’ motto. With solar panels and wind turbines powering the dairy, wildlife corridors on our farm and a serious ambition to massively reduce the plastic in our packaging, we do everything we can to look after our planet.

Our grass-fed cows are at the core of our product. If the cows are happy, healthy and free to gallivant around outside in Summer months, their milk will be exceptional – no tampering needed. So, their wellbeing is our primary focus, and the secret to our simple, delicious yogurt. We stick to our local sourcing policy when feeding our cows, as they have locally grown, rumen protected rapemeal produced in Aberdeenshire (from Norvite Feeds) as part of their diet. They are soya and palm oil free and are thriving!

Our yogurt is also stuffed full of protein and calcium, which is essential to the growth and development of your little people. The protein and calcium found in our yogurt is important for your child’s bone health. A trial by the University of Reading, published in March, found children who ate more than 60g of yogurt a day had lower pulse pressure (a measure of how stiff the arteries are) and better-controlled blood sugar levels than children who didn’t. “Children who eat yoghurt daily are essentially at lower risk of heart disease and of diabetes later in life”, says Dr Hobbs, who led the study.

Lets see what the kids think..

A good reception!

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