Why your body will thank you for consuming more live yogurt on the daily!

Apart from tasting yummy, there are many more benefits that go along with consuming our live yogurt on a daily basis – which is music to our ears, as we consume A LOT of yogurt, quality control n’ all that jazz.

Our range of live yogurts are available in 490g pots or smaller 150g pots.

Here at rora dairy our yogurt contains live bacteria, specifically 4 different kinds of live cultures, streptococcus thermophilus, lactobacillus lactis, lactobacillus acidophillus and bifidobacterium lactis. These probiotics hugely help to keep our intestines healthy. The active bacteria that lives within our yogurt helps to strengthen the lining of our intestines, which prevents inflammatory molecules leaking out and entering our bloodstream. Eat some of our delicious yogurt, firstly, because it tastes soooo good and secondly, to get your probiotic kick, which will help keep your immune system strong and ready to fight off any baddies. Emerging evidence shows the state of our gut bacteria can affect our immunity, mood, stress levels and metabolism, says Professor Whorwell of the University of Manchester. Probiotic-rich foods (like our delicious live yogurt) help to boost a strong relationship between our gut and our brain.

While enjoying our luxurious creamy yogurt you will also get a good hit of protein and calcium, to keep your bones and muscles strong. A 150g serving (one of our small pots) of plain yoghurt provides around a third of our daily iodine and bone-building calcium, and nearly 15 per cent of our daily protein. Yogurt also provides 30 per cent of our daily phosphorus, needed for healthy bones and teeth and around a fifth of our recommended amount of vitamin B12 (to release energy from food) and potassium (for healthy blood pressure). In a study of over-60s last year by Trinity College Dublin, researchers analysed health records of more than 5,000 people and found that eating more yoghurt was associated with a higher hip bone density — an indicator of stronger bones. So, eat a yogurt a day and keep those bones strong!

Each 490g Pot of our Natural Live Yogurt contains 5.3g of Protein and only 3.8g of Fat per 100g !

Bradley Bolling, a professor in food science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the US, set a group of 60 female subjects a challenge to eat a high-carb, high-fat breakfast. Each were asked to consume a sausage and egg sandwich with a side of hash browns for their breakfast. Half of the participants were asked to eat some plain yogurt before their high-fat breakfast. Results showed that it was these women who displayed lower levels of inflammation in their blood afterwards, compared to those who did not eat the yogurt. If you are a lover of a fry-up (aren’t we all), but suffer from an inflamed gut afterwards, have a wee pot of our live yogurt as a Sunday morning appetiser before that be-loved fry-up. This will help your body digest quicker, reduce inflammation and overall, not leave you feeling as rubbish after eating a big meal.

“Yogurt before a meal is a feasible strategy to improve post-meal metabolism and may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.”

Our yogurt is vegetarian friendly and GM free!

Our grass-fed cows produce milk with more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than conventional milk. CLA is a powerful thing and is linked to the protection from colorectal and breast cancers, diabetes and heart disease- impressive eh. We use our grass-fed cow’s milk to make our yogurt which means its stuffed full of CLA to help protect your body from these diseases. At the medical research council epidemiology unit at the University of Cambridge, researchers reported that people who consumed yogurt regularly had a 28 percent lower risk of new-onset type 2 diabetes than those who never ate it. So, once again, your body will thank you massively for consuming our simple and pure yogurt on a daily basis.


“Washington University- tracked more than 80,000 people for 25 years, revealed how eating at least two portions of yoghurt a week cuts by a fifth the risk of pre-cancerous growths, or adenoma.”

One of our favourite healthy snacks here at rora dairy is some of our strawberry live yogurt with a handful of granola!

More good news! If you suffer from hay fever our live yoghurts can help relieve your allergies. Researchers at University School of Medicine in Nashville, U.S. reviewed 23 studies involving more than 1,900 people and found that probiotic yoghurts improved quality of life of hay fever sufferers, compared to a placebo. Scientists have suggested allergies may be caused by a lack of bacteria in the gut.

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