New Year, New thoughts…

Wow, what a busy month January has been – always a bit of a thought when January rolls around, as we need to really plan what the year is going to bring. Tricky when producing food products or in fact in farming in general but we need to think about the new products and the ambitions for the year. Full of ‘what if’s’ and the excitement of things to come.

I started the year planning that despite being really busy at work, I must walk my dogs every day – you may see this on Instagram that so far it is working, it is also a lovely time to look at the cows, the fields and the open skies and have time to breath properly and think clearly before the day runs away with itself. So far so good.

The yogurt world has been busy, with the routines of production, speaking constantly to existing customers, seeking out potential customers and attending The Speciality Food Fair in Glasgow. This is a wonderful three-day event where we see our customers, meet potential ones and have a delightful time catching up with distributors and other people who are also making products. These people are invaluable in sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm. A little treat after this show was popping up to the fabulous newly refurbished hotel, The Fife Arms – a new customer of ours. So worth a visit if near or far, it is truly incredible.

A first for January was being interviewed by the delightful Mark Stephens for BBC “out of doors” – a little nerve wracking but have a listen to iplayer yourself and do let me know your thoughts.

Last but not least, I had a wonderful invitation to speak to the new business growth cohort #BGP2019 in Aberdeen about what it really means to start a food business. This took place today and a delightful buyer of our yogurt pitched in that ‘yes we made a great product but a lot of it really is down to the constant determination of those involved’!! Two years in and I too feel that it is all down to grit and determination and one day, maybe one day, it will all be as planned.